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Pressure Wash Your Hardscapes

Hardscapes, concrete, stone, brick, and pavers are the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. However, it may be a space you forget to pressure wash, clean and seal. Just like your decks and fences, your hardscapes can be cleaned and sealed as well. Complete your beautiful outdoor space with brand new looking surfaces.

Elements Causing Harm

As hardscape surfaces spend more and more time outside, it becomes more likely for elements to hit the surface and cause damage. Those elements include:

  • Oil & Grease
  • Leaves
  • Dust
  • Tire Tracks
  • Mold & Algae Growth
  • Salting
  • Freeze-thaw cycle

Care for Your Hardscapes

New Installation

Sealing hardscapes soon after installation will help prevent the penetration of oil, grease, leaves, dust, and moisture making regular maintenance much easier. It will also reduce the damage caused by salt and the freeze-thaw cycle. Sealing hardscapes prevent moss and fungus formation, stabilize the existing jointing sand and inhibit weed growth.

Renew Crew Clean

If your hardscape surfaces are already suffering from the stains, Renew Crew can help. We have a proprietary line of products formulated to treat stains uniquely based on their source. After removing stains Renew Crew applies a cleaner that allows us to rinse away ground-in dirt. The cleaning process restores hardscapes to look brand new.

Seal & Protect

Renew Crew offers several choices of sealers depending on the look you want to achieve. Homeowners can choose from matte/natural finishes to wet look/color enhancing gloss finishes. Our outdoor surface specialists will work with you and guide you in choosing a product that best meets your needs.

What’s the best time to clean and protect my surfaces?

The best time is almost always “now.” We recommend a dry, warm day because rain and freezing temperatures don’t mix well with cleaning or protecting your surfaces. We also recommend you seal and protect prior to the cold season. The freezing and thawing cycles of winter can be more damaging to your home and outdoor space than any other season.

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