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Clean Your Sidewalk and Walkways

Outdoor concrete surfaces may be durable against the elements and hard to crack or break, but they are also very easy to stain. Here at Renew Crew of Tarrant County, we will power wash many of your Colleyville or Southlake area home’s concrete surfaces, including:

  • Garages and driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Basements
  • Hardscapes

It is important to power wash your sidewalk and walkways because over time, the elements can wear them down and leave them stained and dirty. Not only will dirt and grime cover their surface, but mold and algae can grow on them when left untreated.

Renew Crew of Tarrant County is here to help with our 3-step cleaning and sealing process. We will apply a foam to your sidewalk or walkway that cleans deep into the surface and loosens the dirt and grime. Our power washing services will then gently but effectively rinse the foam, dirt, and unwanted vegetation away.

If any stains have set into your sidewalk or walkway from the constant foot traffic it receives, Renew Crew of Tarrant County has a line of proprietary products that are formulated to treat stains based on their source. We will remove the stains and leave your sidewalk or walkway looking brand new.

Why Is It Important to Clean My Sidewalks and Walkways?

It is important to take care of your sidewalks and walkways because they are the footpaths that you and your guests use to get into or around your home. They are heavily used and therefore are seen the most out of your outdoor surfaces. The foot traffic that occurs on your sidewalks and walkways will quickly and easily stain them, and the year-round elements will leave them looking dingy and dirty.

Renew Crew of Tarrant County can provide our cleaning services that include pressure washing, staining, and sealing to help you maintain the looks of your sidewalks and walkways, so you can keep them clean and fresh for you and your guests.

After Stone Walkway Cleaning

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